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PCH recognised for excellence in customer service

We have maintained The Customer Service Excellence quality mark for making a real difference to our customers for another year following a review - even showing areas of improvement.  

As part of our commitment to making sure we care, respect, listen and do the right thing by our customers, last year we were awarded an accreditation for the customer service we provide.

This year the assessor met with people from a number of teams across the business including EMT, Strategy & Performance, Communications, Customer Experience, Talent Management, Communities and Tenancy Management in order to gain a picture of work across our customer base to ensure we are upholding our commitment to delivering excellence in customer service for a 2nd year.

The independent assessor challenged us to look at our organisation from the perspective of our customers and see what we deliver well and what we can improve on in the future, as we always look to improve our services.

One of the assessment criteria focussed on building team and individual skills which allows our staff to gain a deeper understanding of how to grow a customer focussed culture here at PCH.

Bob Mandy, Assessor for the Customer Service accreditation said: “PCH were found to have a deep understanding of, and commitment to Customer Service Excellence. The commitment was displayed from Senior Management levels through to front line staff.”

We always aim to involve residents in the decisions we make as an organisation – whether that is consulting on changes to neighbourhoods or involving residents in decision making at Board and Committee level - which we demonstrate by having resident Board Members who are part of making strategic decisions for the organisation.  

Lavinia Porfir, Chair of our Customer Focus Committee and Resident Board Member said: “We’re really pleased to have retained this accreditation, as an organisation we try to make a real difference to our customers by focussing on their individual needs and preferences. By being awarded the Customer Service Excellence accreditation it shows that we really do put customers at the heart of everything we do.”

Angie-Edwards Jones, Head of Customer Experience and Assurance was the project lead from PCH and worked with lots of departments across the organisation to be proud of the customer service we deliver and find out what we can do better.

Angie said: “We were really happy to see that some of the areas of good practice the Assessor picked up centred around our robust complaints policy and different ways our residents can reach us. We have so many different ways that we communicate with customers, especially with the year we have just been through – we have managed to offer the best service for our residents despite the amount of restrictions that have been in place.”

John Clark, CEO said: “I’m really proud of everyone involved in maintaining this accreditation but the work doesn’t stop there as we are also signed up to the Together With Tenants commitments, so the two together will ensure our tenants and residents remain at the heart of our business and the decisions we make. The Assessor also picked up that our business plan was easy to understand and revolved around People, Pounds and Place – which just underlines that the people we serve come first.”