PCH to join steering group that will deliver more trees to Plymouth

Plymouth Community Homes has welcomed the proposed plans announced by Plymouth City Council to enhance the city’s tree coverage.

The Plan for Trees has been developed working with local and national partners, including Plymouth Community Homes since 2016, and has been informed by a survey of 1105 residents.

Plymouth Community Homes will become a member of the steering group that works to achieve the Plan’s Delivery Programme which will protect our trees, work to reduce inequality in tree cover across the city and work with communities and local schools on educational tree planting programmes.

Kim Taylor, Area Manager for Environmental and Landscaping Services said: “We want to work with communities and local schools to educate people about the benefits of trees and how they can be involved in the care and protection of them.

"We have over 6,000 trees which are of a wide variety situated across PCH land and in residents’ gardens. The promotion of Plan for Trees will assist us in our ongoing work to support residents on how best to care for their trees and provide information on the upkeep work we do for trees in our communal and green space areas.

"Most importantly, we want to ensure that those areas that are lacking in tree coverage are given an opportunity to enhance their canopy so that others can enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of trees.

“We hope that by working together with partners we can enhance tree coverage across different areas of the city and deliver more trees in a sustainable and cost effective manner.”

There are over 30,000 street trees and 100s of hectares of woodland across Plymouth but a recent Tree Canopy Study revealed that despite having 17 per cent tree cover in Plymouth the amount of cover varies from area to area. For example Budshead has 25.3 per cent tree coverage, whereas Devonport has only 5.8 per cent. It’s imbalances like these that the Delivery Programme will work to address so that everyone across the city can enjoy the benefits of trees.

There are four themes to the Plan for Trees, which are:

Promote – To promote the benefits and value of the our trees through education and encouraging best practice

Protect – To protect Plymouth’s special trees and woodlands for future generations

Care – To care for our trees by practicing and promoting good tree and woodland management

Enhance – To enhance urban areas by increasing tree canopy cover.