Quick thinking warden saves resident

Some fast action by Jack Davis from K9 Mobile Security meant one of our residents received emergency medical attention which saved her life.

Fran Walker was picking up some shopping in Devonport when she felt unwell and unable to drive. A young man from one of the local shops was able to drive her round the corner back to her home, where she called her husband Alf.

Alf continues: “She was very poorly when I got to her, and had trouble getting out of the car and to her feet. I let Jack know and asked for his help, as I know he’s always there to help if we need. Jack looked at Fran and called an ambulance immediately, luckily there was one in the area and they were on the scene in less than ten minutes.

“They took her into hospital where she underwent tests and it was confirmed that she had suffered a stroke. They say that every minute counts in this case and it was lucky she got to receive emergency medical treatment to ensure she had the best possible chance of a full recovery and living a normal life.”   

“I really want to thank Jack; he has been great since we’ve had him here at Tamar House and a really popular guy. The fire wardens were sent down to keep an eye out but they’ve done so much more since they’ve been with us. I can’t thank him enough.”

Jack said: “I was worried for Mrs Walker’s health, I could see there was something clearly wrong with her and decided the best course of action was to call the emergency services so they could help.

“I’d urge anyone who sees any symptoms of a stroke to do what they say in the adverts and act FAST. Getting swift medical attention really could be the difference between life and death and can really help improve the quality of a stroke victim’s life for when they’ve recovered.”

K9 Mobile Security have been working down at the Mount Wise Towers carrying out 24 hour fire patrols for over 12 months and their role has been expanding in the blocks recently as they’re well-recognised by residents as being available for advice and support to residents.

Paula Williams, housing officer for the Towers said: “The fire safety patrols we’ve introduced have been a real success from day one. We’ve needed a presence like this at the Towers for some time. The Fire Wardens are onsite 24 hours a day and they’re acting almost like a concierge service as well as providing a security presence at times when required.

They’ve taken on more and more responsibility and we have made sure that the team down there are fully briefed in what to do in an emergency situation as well as act as a key point of contact for our residents. I am constantly receiving positive feedback about the fire wardens so its clear residents are enjoying this extra presence and support.” 

To find out more about catching the signs of a stroke early then visit the NHS website and learn how to act F.A.S.T.