Residents and staff make Notte Street bloom

Residents at Notte Street will be able to see flowers blooming this summer as a group of volunteers helped plant a range of flowers and herbs.

The flower beds have been installed after we asked residents what they’d like to see in their garden. Where there had previously been bin sheds, we gave residents several options and they told us that they wanted flower beds for the block to enjoy.

Gail and her daughters Kianna and Khalia were just some of the volunteers who came out to help us plant the flowers: “We really wanted to help with the planting as it will look really nice out here in the summer. Living on the Barbican is great because it’s such a beautiful place but the children don’t have a lot of supervised outside space to play, so the communal garden here will be perfect and once the flowers are in bloom it will be such a nice space to sit out.”

Pete Bold and James Tasker from the minor works team together with Marissa Maloney, Nikki Bickford and Sharon Sleep from housing worked together to bring the project to life. Nikki Bickford, Assistant Housing Officer said: “We’re so glad to bring this project to the residents at Notte Street and they’ve really come out in their numbers today to help us!

“We’ve got another flower bed on the adjacent block which is being transformed into a herb garden, that’s being planted at the moment – it smells amazing already. One of our residents has brought down a young Christmas tree which they were looking after, so we’ve planted that one and hopefully that will grow from strength to strength over the next few years so that residents can enjoy the garden all year round.”