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Residents asked to wear face coverings

From today, Monday 1 February, we are asking residents to put on a face covering when a member of staff needs to come into their home. 

We are making this request of our residents as an extra precaution in addition to the safety measures we already have in place.

When you are booking an emergency repair through our Contact Centre, our staff will explain that you will be asked to wear a face covering throughout the time a member of staff is in your home.

Before a member of staff arrives at your home, they will call you to check whether you are well and to ask you to put on a face covering, as well as move to another room if possible whilst work is being completed.

We understand some of our residents will be exempt from wearing a face covering due to medical reasons and in this case, the other safety measures of social distancing and moving to a different room if possible must be followed. 

If you do not have a face covering, our staff will be able to provide you with a new, individually wrapped mask to wear.

Our staff will be wearing their own face covering, unless the working they are doing prevents them from wearing one.

This is an extra precaution the majority of housing associations with homes in Plymouth and across the Southwest are taking to help keep our staff and residents safe.

The video below explains what we are asking.

We'd like to thank all residents in advance for wearing face coverings when our staff visits your homes.