Residents from across the South West attend our regional conference

People from all over the South West convened at Plumer House to discuss the design of new homes and development schemes.

The South West Design Conference was held at Plumer House in Plymouth and over 50 people were in attendance. Magna Housing, Ocean Housing, DCH and PCH residents were keen to network and discuss the way we design new homes.

The day started with an awards presentation for highest resident satisfaction survey results followed by a round table discussion about the layout of new homes and the best way to use space.

After lunch John Garner from Green Ecology gave a presentation on the importance of preserving nature and the issues that face development, reeling off statistics such as how many species of bat live in the UK (there’s 18) and what developers can do to look after the areas they work in.

Ben Savage from Trewin Architects was showcasing the latest technology - allowing people to look around new homes using virtual reality.

Ben said: “We are experimenting with virtual reality as a replacement for show homes but to use it as a design tool. Residents can look around a home at the design stage – a lot of people have difficulty imagining a home from a 2d plan so this allows people to get a real feel for the space and light in a property and we can make changes early on without involving a huge cost.”

Abi Vercoe Tenant Involvement & Social Inclusion Co-ordinator from Ocean Housing was at the event and said: “It’s great to get to events like these to see what other associations are doing as sometimes you feel like you’re in your own bubble – when we get together we find that all of us face the same issues when designing and building homes and that our residents ask similar things, which is great because it helps us work together to find a solution!”

Jo Maddick, Regeneration Officer for PCH said: “We were thrilled to be holding this event at Plumer House. Since the Source Partnership had finished, we have been conscious about the need to engage with residents on the design of new homes. The conference was fab - it was great to see residents from across the Southwest learning how to interpret plans and drawings, and scrutinise design. Thank you sto everyone who supported the event.”