Residents get creative as they help design green spaces at Mount Wise

Residents of the  Mount Wise Towers have been getting creative as they look to improve the green spaces ahead of the hoardings going up around the three towers.

During an inspired session in the community room, residents had the chance to discuss how they would creatively use the green landscapes around the towers.

With the theme focusing on sea, city and moors, ideas flowed between the group on how best to use an old rowing dingy as a flowerbed and what types of plants to use to create a wave effect.

Area Manager, Sarah French said: “With spring nearly upon us it is the perfect time to start planning how we can make the areas blossom. The sea, city and moor theme will work well with the design of the hoardings on the towers and hopefully we can introduce lots of colourful flowers to the areas.

“Everyone at the consultation was full of ideas and they all had a passion for creating vibrant green spaces and making the area look good and a place people can use as we approach spring and the summer."

With a design for Lynher House complete, the next workshops will focus on the outside space for Tamar and Tavy House.