Residents have been finding out more about health and well-being

Residents at Marlborough House, PCH staff and local partners spent the morning together, finding out about health and well-being.

Livewell Southwest, Sugar Smart, Well Connected, Plymouth Stroke Association and Food is Fun spent the morning speaking with residents about healthy lifestyles with the chance to create some healthy recipes and there also free blood pressure tests!

Food is Fun CIC showed residents how to make low cost, quick and healthy meals such as veggie pizza, with director and nutritionist Tami Skelton saying: “The most rewarding thing about events like these is seeing what a difference healthy eating can make to people’s lives. The people that took part today have gained confidence and learnt more about how to prepare and cook fresh ingredients. The residents here are proud of what they’ve achieved today and hopefully, will start sharing some of the recipes they’ve learnt with family and friends!”.

Livewell Southwest gave advice on how to stop smoking, how to eat and drink better and how to cope with stress, get better sleep and achieve happier, healthier lifestyles. Well Connected also attended to speak to residents about gaining healthier smiles and more positive lifestyles.

Hayley Kemp, Communities Worker for PCH said: “We love putting on events like this as there is so much information and tools that people can access which enable them to make healthier choices.”

“One of the things that people were really into was the blood pressure tests which are here courtesy of the Plymouth Stroke Association and could potentially save someone’s life. We’ve also got the great cooking lessons from Tami and our partners Livewell South West are always great to talk to if you’re looking for further advice or want to be signposted to somewhere for help – no matter what issues you may be experiencing.”

The Stroke Association work to try and raise awareness to prevent a stroke and aid people to make the best recovery they can. They work with stroke survivors who are living with communication difficulties to help build confidence and independence.

Sugar Smart is a campaign run by Jamie Oliver and Sustain which helps local authorities, workplaces and individuals to reduce the amount of sugar we consume. 

Livewell Southwest is an independent, not for profit social enterprise that integrates health and social care, providing services on behalf of the NHS and delivering care for people in new ways that are more efficient.