Residents have place to call their own with new communal area

PCH residents at Mount Wise have a newly refurbished communal area to use for social and community events.

The communal room at Tavy House had previously fallen into a state of disrepair and PCH wanted to give the residents a warm, safe and secure place to be able to hold community events.

Pete Bold, Repairs Supervisor for PCH worked together with local builder Gordon Rowe to deliver the project after consulting with residents.

Pete explains more: “We have completely refurbished the new communal area and what a transformation there is from how it was before. The floor was concrete slabs but we’ve dug up the floor and put in insulated flooring and carpet. We’ve fitted it out with two new kitchen areas for people to be able to come in and cook together as a community.

“We have put in a window and a store room, and have made the toilet a disabled access WC with baby changing facilities. There is also a hearing loop installed and there will be WiFi access for people to come in use their laptops and tablets.”

Gordon Rowe, owner of GMR Building Services continues: “When PCH asked us to work with them to deliver the project in time for Christmas we had a tight turnaround time-wise. But I am really pleased to say that we have managed to deliver the project on time and that is mainly down to great partnership work between ourselves, PCH and RTJ Martin Electrical.”

Nick Jewell, Director from RTJ Martin Electrical Contractors said: “We were asked to carry out the heating and the lighting on behalf of PCH. The room we saw beforehand was a cold and dim room and it was immediately apparent that we needed some high quality lighting and a state of the art heating system.

“This involved a total rewiring and we managed to get involved with the project as we have just won a four year contract to work with the PCH repairs service which we are really pleased about and wanted to make sure this project showed PCH what we can deliver.”

The communal area was opened on Wednesday with housing staff, Pete, Gordon and local residents in attendance. The first community project took place with residents coming down to take part in a wreath making and carol singing afternoon with Tess Willmott from Dig for Devonport and Hazel Wooding from Primrose Landscape Architects, Hayley Kemp and Leigh Bartram from the PCH Communities Team.   

Sarah French, Area Housing Manager for Mount Wise said: “It’s great that the residents now have a comfortable place that they can hold meetings and take part in community events. We are confident that people will use this as a central hub that will encourage people in Mount Wise to get involved in their community and it will bring people together.”