Residents help create lizard flowered garden in Southway

Residents and their children helped us to create a garden in the shape of a lizard at Lizard Close in Southway – complete with pebble art!

Housing Officers, Rangers and our Environmental Team worked closely with residents to create a beautiful garden area that was unveiled this week as part of ‘South West in Bloom’. To celebrate the opening, we asked local children to create some pebble art to sit within the garden.

Environmental & Landscape Services Team Leader Perry Duggan-Smith said: “We wanted to make something that the residents could take ownership of and look after and people told us they wanted a garden space that they could be proud of and I think we’ve managed that.

“The kids have loved every moment of being involved and they think of it as their own project which is good because that way they’ll help to look after it.”

Housing Officer, Vanessa Walke said: “As part of the unveiling we held an open pebble art afternoon outside of the old ‘Langley Stores’.  It was an opportunity for the residents to talk to us about their ideas to improve their communal areas and also for children to be creative and add their pebble to the ‘Lizard’ as part of the display”.  Lots of the children were very proud to contribute towards the display, which is situated at the front of Lizard Close flats and they have said that they will take care of it.