Residents in sheltered housing support Wear a Hat Day

Residents hosted events across the city to raise money for Brain Tumour Research raising a fantastic £430.27

The residents of the sheltered housing schemes at Leypark, Brock House and Broadland Gardens hosted events for Wear a Hat Day to raise money to show their appreciation for the charity.

They sold raffle tickets, tea, coffee and cakes and created their own unique hats to get involved and do what they can to help. Some of the hats were particularly impressive with many people sporting an Easter themed bonnet!

The event was organised by Rachel Clench and the residents primarily to raise as much money in a fun way. Staff at Plumer house also pledged their support with charity buckets dotted around the office.

Brain Tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer but since Wear a Hat Day started back in 2010 it has raised over £1,000,000 for Brain Tumour Research.

Funds raised through Wear a Hat Day 2018 will develop the network of world-class brain tumour research centres across the UK and Brain Tumour Research themselves said “Our massive, hattastic thanks go out to everyone who is taking part and helping us raise awareness!”  

To find out more about Brain Tumour Research then visit their website.