Residents learn Maths with the help of On Course tutor

A group of residents have taken their Maths exams after having tutoring sessions to learn functional skills.

Functional skills is the phrase used to describe everyday Maths and English skills and there are many reasons why adults don’t hold up to date qualifications and in the current job market up to date qualifications are more important than ever. The Maths classes are part of the Learn for Free training programme, and next year we’ll be adding an ongoing English class to the courses on offer.

Nicholas Akhurst, Maths tutor from On Course said: “The residents who have attended have learnt skills that make day-to-day tasks easier and increase chances of finding work by improving your employability. Maths can be quite a daunting subject and so when people come together in a group like this it offers them a support network and they encourage and learn from each other as well as the tutors.”

Course members Andrea Castro, Ewelina Manorak, Linda Cole, Susan Morgan and Virginia Lee were put through their paces and started off learning about Roman numerals and the history of mathematics before moving on to problem solving and more of the functional skills.

The group took their final two hour exam and will find out the results after Christmas. Susan Morgan said: “Everyone here has come to take advantage of the course for various reasons, for me it’s about challenging myself and keeping my brain sharp at my age.”

Linda Cole is one of those who took advantage of the courses in order to make reading her bank statements more clearly and the tutors were so impressed by her that she has been nominated for an award.

Rheinallt Huws, Communities Worker for PCH said: “I’m really proud of those who attended the course; they have worked really hard to get to this point. They have all come from different backgrounds and wanted to improve their skills.  The Functional Skills level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE in Maths.

“I’m hopeful that the course will allow them to achieve their goals and they have had materials and support in place to help them through and I’m confident that they have all done well”

“I want to thank the other teams across PCH for their help in putting on these courses; we work with the help of others across the business. For example the Finance Team has helped us to sort out attendee travel and care costs. It is about working with other departments across PCH to ensure we are offering fantastic services and value for money for our residents.”