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Residents witness sprinkler system in action

Residents at Woodlands Court have seen first-hand the positive impact a sprinkler system could have on their home in the event of a fire after watching a live demonstration.

PCH, Domestic Sprinklers, contractor Tec Construction and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service held a demonstration day at Woodlands Court, where residents were able to watch a demo-unit go up in flames before the sprinkler system impressively extinguished the blaze.

The sprinkler system is set to be installed to all homes at Woodlands Court, giving residents enhanced fire safety.


The sprinklers are fitted to a system of supple pipes and each is an independent unit and only operates if the fire causes it to do so. Each fire sprinkler is fitted with a small thermal element (bulb), which is activated when it detects a temperature of 68c heat from a fire.

In the majority of fires, just one sprinkler head is operated, which is normally sufficient to deal with the fire.

Resident Terry, who attended the event, said: “I was curious to see how the sprinkler system worked, after watching the demonstration it has put my mind at ease – I was amazed how effective it was.

“My main concern was that my sprinkler would go off if someone else had a fire but that’s not the case, they are heat sensitive and only operate if the heat is that of an actual fire.

“Fire causes more damage than water so I’m happy to have one in my home, just in case,” he added.

Fellow resident Jane was also happy to see the sprinklers being installed, she said: “I think it’s great. Apart from the obvious safety they bring I was also surprised at how quick and easy they are to install.”

Did you know

  • A fire starts small. If detected and tackled early enough a fire can be controlled with very little water. Fire sprinklers operate automatically even if you are not at home releasing water directly over the source of the fire and sounding the alarm.


  • Records from Australia and New Zealand (where all fires must be reported) between 1886 and 1986 show that sprinklers controlled 99.7% of all fires where they were fitted.


  • Records in service show that sprinklers are very dependable. The chance of an accidental discharge is 16,000,000/1 – less than your chance of winning the lottery.