Response to sentencing of fraud against PCH

Response to sentencing of fraud against PCH

Former PCH employee, Paul Benwell, was sentenced to 28 months in prison for fraud by abuse of position yesterday at Plymouth Crown Court.

In response to the sentencing, our Chief Executive, John Clark, had this to say:

“Plymouth Community Homes provides affordable homes and responsive services for thousands of people in the city and we are proud of our strong social values. People come to work for PCH because they share those values, have integrity and want to be a part of an organisation that does good for its community.

That’s why we are so saddened, angered and disappointed by this former employee’s crime - it flies in the face of everything we stand for and represent at PCH. Paul Benwell used considerable cunning and deception to defraud us and to navigate the safeguards in place. We have now strengthened our controls further, and we have taken action to ensure that no one who was a victim of the fraud is out of pocket as a result.

This crime is a betrayal of all those involved with PCH; its mission, values and most importantly the tenants and residents we serve in the city

We would like to thank the police for their swift actions in response to our report and are pleased to see that justice has been done.”