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Safer communal areas this summer

With the warmer weather moving in and a hot summer being predicted, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your shared outdoor spaces. We want to make sure you enjoy these spaces safely, while being respectful of your neighbours. 

We want you to enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice and we want our residents to stay safe and for everyone to enjoy their communal areas, so here’s a friendly reminder about what you can and can’t use in the communal areas.

Swimming and paddling pools

We ask that you don’t put any paddling or swimming pools in communal areas as if left unattended they could pose a risk to children or other residents.

Hot tubs

The same goes for hot tubs, they pose a risk to children or other residents, and take up space that others could use.


To ensure your safety and the safety of others then please make sure:

  • Barbecues are not left unattended while lit, cooking, or cooling
  • Please do not use barbecues on balconies
  • Your barbecue is well away from sheds, fences, trees, shrubs or garden waste
  • Store gas cylinders away from direct sunlight
  • Barbecues and cylinders are put away after use and not left in communal areas
  • Barbecue coals or charcoal are cold before disposing of them
  • All rubbish and packaging is disposed of responsibly

Play equipment

Please do not install any fixed play equipment within a communal garden. We have a responsibility to make sure the area is safe for use, and we cannot do this is equipment such as trampolines, slides and swings have been installed as we are unable to check if it has been done so correctly and safely.

Garden furniture

Please store any garden furniture after each use and not leave it in the communal garden. We cannot guarantee the safety of these items and cannot take responsibility if someone is injured, for instance sitting in a chair that collapses.