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Senior Housing Officer invited to Panel on Community Triggers

PCH Senior Housing Officer Adam Stockman was invited to be part of a panel of speakers at the Housing Quality Network’s (HQN) annual conference this year, as an expert on Community Triggers.

The HQN is a dedicated network for housing management professionals that offers advice on everything from tenancy sustainment, patch sizes and estate management, to support frontline teams tackling ASB, domestic abuse and safeguarding issues.

Adam was invited to a panel to discuss how Plymouth Community Homes is approaching tackling ASB across our communities, and how we have teamed up with Plymouth City Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, and other housing providers to support victims by promoting and using the ‘Community Trigger’ process.

Anyone who has experienced Anti-Social Behaviour can ask for a Community Trigger as long as they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. They have reported three or more incidents about the same problem to Devon and Cornwall Police, the Council, a registered social landlord or an NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
    2. The reports were all made within the last six months
    3. Where further actions are available to resolve the case

They can also ask for one if they have reported an incident of Anti-Social Behaviour, relating to same problem, to any of the above organisations two or more times within the past six months and if at least one of the incidents involves a hate crime.

By signing a pledge with our partner organisations, we have committed to complying with the law and the spirit of the Community Trigger, to make sure triggers are an integral part of our ASB process, and that everyone, including the most vulnerable, know what it is and how to invoke it. 

Adam said: “I was pleased to have been invited to talk at the Housing Quality Network annual conference about how the Community Trigger is working in Plymouth.

“The trigger has previously been a very under used option for victims of Anti-Social Behaviour who have a right to request a case review by their Local Authority. The victim is invited to the case review and reads an impact statement to the professionals about how the behaviours of others have impacted on them.

“The agencies involved (such as PCH, PCC, Police, Livewell SW) are invited to make an action plan together to solve this problem. Plymouth is currently one of the leading local areas for Community Triggers and PCH have been involved in eight so far this year already. Sometimes Housing Officers cannot solve Anti-Social Behaviour problems alone and through this process we are seeing those actions to be adopted by the Police or PCC that are supporting our tenants, helping PCH to deal with the ongoing issues.”