Stonehouse 100 Homes Project

Residents from Stonehouse are getting involved with this fantastic project which brings together all the stories of the people who have lived in Stonehouse.

The 100 Homes Project started in 2014 on the 100th anniversary of the three towns of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse merging into one city. The project captures the history of Stonehouse in the words of the people who live there – so that their stories and memories will be preserved.  

Pete the project lead explains more: “Once we started with this project the stories just kept on coming. People have told us about wartime bombings, Mormons arriving in Millbay and being besieged by prostitutes and Union Street mayhem. We also got to know the quieter, everyday lives of families and residents – shops that have come and gone, the experience of growing up in Nazareth House – stories of love, friendship and lives being lived.”

Hayley Kemp, Communities Worker for PCH said: “We have been involved right from the start supporting this project; we want our residents to be involved as we know they have some fantastic tales to tell. This is the sort of project that brings communities together both past and present, we have heard some amazing tales and we just keep discovering new ones. We can’t wait to see what new stories are round the corner!”

This small project grew as people became more involved with stories coming simply written on folded bits of scrap paper or recorded on mobile phones as they were told. Many people discovered old friends and family connections as a thriving Facebook page allowed people to share, meet – this grew and grew as people began to share old photos and memorabilia.

This lead to the formation of an official project, with a steering group made up of Stonehouse residents and Stonehouse Timebank volunteers. The group aims to continue to grow the project further and set up a community archive preserving the history of Stonehouse as told by its people.

Pete said: “The Heritage Lottery Fund has given us money to run the project for the next two years. We hope in this time that hundreds of Stonehouse residents will become involved with the project and add their stories. There are opportunities here to record your story, learn to take part in local radio broadcasts, be on the steering groups and develop the project further.

“We hope to take the project beyond our two years and be able to create something future generations can be proud of – they can see how Stonehouse has changed throughout the years, from the destruction caused by the wars to the redevelopment seen today.”