Taking action to tackle flytipping

We’re pounding the streets this week and next to visit areas of the city which have been affected by flytipping.

Housing teams are visiting five neighbourhoods where the dumping of bulky waste has occured.

The areas are parts of West Park, the Barbican, Devonport, Southway and Keyham.

Staff have been door knocking to remind residents that flytipping is illegal and asking them to report anyone they see leaving waste.

Leah Sanderson, PCH Senior Housing Officer, said: “The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the issue and reduce fly tipping across our estates and communities.

“Our tenants want to live in clean estates and communities and we want that too. We know that the majority of residents don’t flytip, but a minority are spoiling it for everyone else.

“We don’t provide a free bulky waste collection service. Paid-for collections are offered by us and Plymouth City Council or waste can be taken to Weston Mill or Chelson Meadow.

“Anyone caught flytipping could face action against their tenancy or lease and we’ll also recharge for its collection and disposal.

“We will also report flytippers to the city council who may prosecute and fine them.

“We’d urge people to report flytipping to us so our communities don’t look unsightly.”

Housing staff have been giving out leaflets and fridge magnets to each household, with the magnets displaying the numbers people can ring to report flytipping.

Officers have been having discussions with residents, with many expressing concerns about the amount of flytipping near their homes.

One resident, Linda Warren, said: “I’ve seen five fridges out there at one time. 

“It’s the time of year when people are starting to decorate. You get builder’s rubble out there. It’s usually dumped at night.

“On some occasions I’ve tried to go down with my recycling and there’s no room in the bins because they’re stuffed full of waste that shouldn’t be there.

“I didn’t know who to report it to before but now I do.”

Our campaign ties in with work Plymouth City Council is carrying out to tackle environmental crime.

Last month, it announced it was adding extra enforcement officers to city streets to tackle litter, dog fouling, flyposting and flytipping.

To report flytipping, call Plymouth City Council on 01752 668000.