Teats Hill Fun Day

Dozens of children and residents came along to our fabulous fun day which was held on a beautiful day right by the water!

Our Housing officers were consulting with residents on what they would like to see in the garden areas at the blocks when the refurbishment is finished. Previously just a concrete courtyard, the newly-refurbished gardens will have planting areas for residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables and somewhere for the local children to play.

Part of the fun day was educating children about the local wildlife and representatives from the National Marine Aquarium were teaching children about the local ecology.

Food is Fun, led by Tammi Skelton, cooked couscous recipes from fresh seasonal vegetables and showed residents how easy it is to make up some healthy meals with a few minutes to spare. Part of the Food is Fun ethos is to show children how much sugar is available in each of their favourite snacks to educate them about healthy eating.

We saw Disney’s Elsa showing children how to dance and Spiderman playing in goal in the football tournament (we think his spider senses gave him an unfair advantage!) Local metal company Thrussells were also consulting with people about what they would like to see in the area before they commission a large piece of artwork for the park area close by.

Our contractor Mi-Space contributed by booking a large bouncy castle for the youngsters and the Disney characters – Liaison Officers were in the community to speak to residents about any difficulties they may be having while the refurbishment is on-going.

Mark Bailey, Housing Officer for PCH, said: “We’ve had a great turnout here – we were praying the weather would hold off and it's been really kind to us so we couldn’t be more pleased. We’ve managed to speak to so many people today and they’ve told us about what changes they would like to see in the local area and how pleased they will be when the block is finished and they’ll have somewhere to be proud of.”

Billie Grace visited with her son Hayden, 10, and daughter Evie Mae, eight. She said: “There’s been a lot for people to do here today, we particularly liked the cactus lasso but it was really difficult! I think my children had a lot of fun today, they helped make and finish off some of the couscous!”