Tenancy Fraud

We’ve welcomed the conviction of a former tenant who applied to buy his home under the Right to Buy scheme while illegally sub-letting it.

The man would have benefitted from a £39,600 discount on the property’s market value had the sale gone through.

Fran Sandercock, PCH Senior Housing Officer, said: “We want to send out the message to people that we do investigate potential cases of fraud and take the appropriate tenancy action.  We work in conjunction with Devon Audit Partnership who have the legal powers to prosecute proven fraud cases.

“We want the right people in the right homes. This man’s actions have denied a needy family a place to live.

“Our staff  have recently had refresher training in how to detect fraud and we’re currently in the process of investigating 32 cases.”

The conviction comes as we publish our first stand-alone Tenancy Fraud Policy.

The policy sets out how we will identify, tackle and prevent attempted, suspected or actual fraud for those applying for social housing and for social housing tenants.

There is more information about tenancy fraud here.

If you suspect someone of tenancy fraud, please contact us on 0808 230 6500.