The Beacon Coffee House is now open

Pop down to the Beacon in North Prospect where we have just opened a new café offering a wide selection of delicious drinks at great prices!

We are pleased to announce that we have opened The Beacon Coffee House as a great local café for people to pop along and meet friends and family while enjoying a great tasting fresh coffee or cup of tea.

The café will be open weekday mornings from 8.00am – 10.00am to begin with and will offer customers a range of snacks as well. All of the drinks and snacks are at great prices and we will be looking to add additional food items to the menu as the popularity of the café grows.

The coffee shop is also offering a loyalty card scheme – you get a stamp for your first six drinks and can claim your seventh for free.  

Beth Valentine, Beacon Officer for PCH will be running the café and is delighted to have brought a relaxed coffee shop to the Beacon. Beth said: “We have this great meeting space here at the Beacon that lots of different organisations and groups use. Office staff and individuals using the Beacon come and go throughout the day and we thought it would be great if they could pick up a drink on the go.”

“That’s why we have opened The Beacon Coffee House. Our aim is provide a quality product for those who love a hot drink! Anyone can pop by, grab a coffee and a snack and go about their day. The coffee is lovely; I would definitely recommend trying a flat white!”

Councillors Tudor Evans and Tina Tuohy came to the opening and were really pleased to see local families taking advantage of the café. Cllr Tudor said: “I think it’s great that PCH have opened a café here as it was exactly the sort of thing that the Beacon was crying out for – a central hub where residents can meet up and local clubs and organisations can use the meeting spaces as well.

“Places like the local Timebank, Sure Start and the Lark Children’s Centre for example are either based at the Beacon or are regular users and they now have a fantastic facility they can use.”