Totalmobile – Remote Assistance

If the covid-19 outbreak has taught us anything at PCH, it is that we need to be ready to adapt to new ways of working.

We are regularly looking at how we work to keep our residents and our staff safe and help reduce the risk of infection, all whilst providing a quality service.

Social distancing is now the new normal and we should only be entering homes to carry out work when it is absolutely necessary. This is why we have decided to trial ‘Remote Assistance’, a new tool that will help us identify issues and carry out tasks without having to enter your home.

This new service will give our staff a clearer understanding of a problem without having to visit your home – a video feed will enable staff to assess the problem and offer remote support if possible.

This will mean that visits to homes will only be made when needed and reduce any risk of infection when entering homes.

The trial will focus on homes inspections, and we’re planning to roll out the service for other repairs task.

How does it work?

Initiate a call link

  • Once your enquiry has been received, our staff will be able to decide whether to attend in person or contact you via a ‘call link’ video call.

Generate text to resident

  • The new ‘call link’ can use either the resident’s mobile number or email address to generate a message, containing a link, that is sent to the resident. Once you receive the text message, you click on the link to start the video session.

Start video assistance

  • Staff will be able to pause the screen to highlight areas, make notes and draw on the screen whilst assisting you.

Repairs and Lettings Manager Barbara Bottomley said: “We have a trial period of four weeks throughout June and this will enable us to carry out inspections remotely which during these times will help us work through a backlog of inspections and keep our residents safe at the same time.

“There are a wide range of benefits, from being able to zoom into a specific area on a resident’s screen and making notes, to pausing the screen so the resident can identify areas mentioned by our staff.

“It’s another option for our residents and it’s there as a tool for those that would like the option of potentially solving a problem remotely and quickly.

“After the trial period we will assess how it has worked for us and look to implement it across different tasks within our repairs teams.”

What if I don’t have a mobile phone or don’t feel comfortable on video camera?

The Remote Assistance tool will not affect the quality of service we provide you. If you don’t have a mobile phone or feel uncomfortable using the video option then we can still see you as we normally would.

I’m scared I’d do something wrong?

After assessing your enquiry the team will be able assess whether it can be solved remotely, you won’t be asked to do something that would put you in danger or cause further damage.

The new service is there to enable us to filter smaller enquiries where we do not need to enter your home.

Will the video assistance use all my data?

The video connection will work reliably on either WiFi or through mobiledata. As you will be in your home, we recommend that residents ensure they are connected to their WiFi so that they don’t need to use their data.