Try 1 Thing this week...

Get Online Week 2017 is aiming to help you make full use of the internet.

The campaign encourages you to take a brave step in the right direction by getting you to Try 1 Thing – to use the internet for one thing you usually do offline.

It could be your first online shopping experience, a video call, setting up online banking, booking a Doctor’s appointment or applying for a job online – anything that you maybe haven’t had the skills or confidence to try before. 

It’s not just for those who have never used a computer or a tablet – there are millions of people in the UK who can use a smartphone to read the news, use Facebook or send online messages that don’t complete more complicated tasks online – like filling out forms or looking up reliable advice. You could be missing out on all the financial, social and health benefits the internet offers.

Choosing just one task you’ve never previously done and getting the help you might need to get started can be the next step to becoming a more confident user of the internet.

With Universal Credit being rolled out this Autumn across Plymouth, now is a really great time to get to grips with online.

Doreen Sheppard has recently joined PCH’s Computer Club: “Coming to this club has been the making of me – I can’t believe I’ve only just started learning at 86. Now I can make video calls to my daughter and two grandsons who live in South Africa and also to my nephew who lives in Australia.

“They’re all really helpful here and if I get stuck or can’t remember anything those in the club are patient with me and go through it with me again the next week.”

Phil Manning is a regular visitor to Computer Club which meets every Wednesday at 1pm at Plumer House and said: “I’d recommend people coming along to the club, it’s a great group of people and we all get on really well. We support each other in our learning and we go at the pace that suits the individual.

“Getting more involved online makes you more confident using the internet and you realise how much more you can do online.”

PCH supports residents in a variety of ways including Computer Club and IT training sessions. We also run an online learning programme called Learn my Way.

Find out more information on all these options and extra support from partner organisations.