Use our dedicated webpage to help stop tenancy fraud

Tenants can now find important information on tenancy fraud through our dedicated web page.

The page outlines what tenancy fraud is, highlights the impact it has on tenants and PCH, whilst also gives helpful hints on how to spot it.

If you suspect tenancy fraud you can report this to us by contacting your housing officer or our contact centre.

Tenancy fraud is a national issue, for example it is estimated that at least 100,000 housing association homes are affected by some form of tenancy fraud. This has a direct impact on the thousands of people on waiting lists throughout the country, in temporary accommodation or looking to transfer to a more suitable home.

At PCH we have recently launched our first stand-alone Tenancy Fraud Policy.

The policy sets out how we will identify, tackle and prevent attempted, suspected or actual fraud for those applying for social housing and for social housing tenants.

If you suspect someone of tenancy fraud, please contact us on 0808 230 6500

Tenancy Fraud Webpage