Vauxhall Street residents brighten up their communal courtyard

The communal courtyard area of the Vauxhall Street flats has recently undergone a colourful makeover, all thanks to green thumbed residents!

Residents each took ownership of flower beds that surround the large, established trees in the courtyard. A combination of bright flowers, different textures and hardy plants were chosen, with one flower bed being completely transformed into a magical fairy garden for the benefit of the younger residents. Some plants were donated to the residents by the DCFA (Devon & Cornwall Food Association) and gardening vouchers were also issued.

Some of the residents have even transformed the areas outside their back doors, with large decorative planters, trellises, pergolas and plenty of boldly coloured flowers.

Marissa Maloney, Housing Officer for the Barbican said “The residents have worked very hard to improve the communal areas for the benefit of all those living in Vauxhall Street. It encourages community spirit and gardening is of course, a healthy activity. People of all ages can enjoy doing it.”

“Nikki Bickford (Assistant Housing Officer) and I are very pleased to assist where we can and we encourage residents to look at options like this for their communal areas.”.

Having previously competed in ‘Plymouth in Bloom’, the residents intend to enter the contest next year and hope to be as successful as they have been in previous years.