Verse encourages resident to get planting

One of the most famous poems in history has provided the inspiration for a North Prospect resident to brighten up her street.

This autumn, Susan Blott will plant daffodils in Wordsworth Road.

William Wordsworth wrote I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud after seeing a sea of daffodils while walking through the Lake District with his sister more than 200 years ago.

The poem has gone on to become one of the most well known in history.

Voluntary teacher Susan said: “I like the Wordsworth poem about the daffodils – I love poetry. I thought I would plant them where there are spaces in the hedges. It will be a good way to get to know new people too. I have been asking my neighbours if they’re happy with me doing it and the ones I’ve spoken to said they are.

“I planted my own last autumn and they looked so pretty. Over the years I would like to do the whole road if people want it.

“One of my friends and a neighbour said they would help me so it might be a good way of bringing the community together.

“You have to start small and gradually work your way up. It will look beautiful after a couple of years.”

PCH Chief Executive John Clark has said we will provide the bulbs for Susan to plant.

He said: “It’s great to see people taking enjoyment in their garden, making friends and building a community.”

Susan was one of the runners up in the Southern Gate in Bloom competition, organised by our North Prospect contractor Kier Living.

She tends to her garden with her daughter Kim. The pair, along with fellow runners up Susan and Ivor Hawkins, of Wyatt Avenue, have won bee and insect habitats.

Jade Wilkinson and her partner Aaron Maclean, of Wordsworth Crescent, won first prize – a £100 Plymouth Garden Centre voucher.

John and Keith Gazzard, David McManus and Sara McManus, all of Kier Living, judged the entries during a walkabout of the estate.

Jade said: “I was really happy to win but quite surprised. We moved in a year ago last June but only started doing the garden once we’d settled. It’s the first house we’ve had with a garden.

“It’s mainly borders and picket fencing. We’ve grown marigolds and shrubs. We have a lawn and patio at the back and that’s our next project. We’ll be spending our vouchers on that.”

Sara McManus, Community Engagement Officer for Kier, said: “It was a privilege to see the delightful and colourful front gardens on show at the new Southern Gate development.

“Chatting with everyone who entered the competition meant I could understand the reasoning for their planting choices and how they plan to maintain and nurture their gardens which in turn really do brighten up the whole development. The love, care and attention to the new homes was fantastic to see.”

Pictured left to right: Keith Gazzard, David McManus, Sara McManus, Kim Thompson, Susan Blott and John Clark