Waste not want not

We’ve been giving a new lease of life to household items that would otherwise be thrown out.

We’ve been putting together ‘starter packs’ for new and vulnerable tenants who are in need of essential items. These packs include things like kettles, toasters, crockery, pots and pans and vacuum cleaners – all the things you need when you move into a new home.

It was the idea of Housing Officers Nicky Blackwell and Heidi Bavin, as Nicky explains:

“We often collect items from homes when people leave – mainly kitchen utensils and appliances. These are taken to our Re-use Centre.

“At the same time we’re aware of residents who are in need of such items. They may be new tenants who don’t have very much.

“There’s definitely a demand for what we’re offering which is a shame. Tenants are so grateful.

“We have been collecting the stuff from the Re-use Centre and taking it to one of our garages where we’ve been storing them. Everything is PAT tested and cleaned.

“We’ve helped around 30 households so far, ranging from single people to families. Some people come to us as new tenants with nothing.

“We’re now also starting to offer gardening tools as tenants have a duty to maintain their gardens as part of their tenancy. We have shovels, forks and rakes for example.”

The starter packs are used by housing teams across PCH.

Heidi is pictured at the garage where the starter pack items are stored.