We’re Cyber Essentials accredited!

We’ve just been certified by external experts in online security, meaning that you can be safe in the knowledge that we do everything we can to prevent our business from coming under attack.

Cyber Essentials is an external Government backed scheme that helps us protect PCH and our customers against the most common cyber-based threats. These threats can come in many shapes and sizes but most are basic in nature and we’re proactive in preventing these.

Cyber Essentials accreditation body have been working with PCH to ensure that we use best practices in dealing with our IT security and that we have the right policies and procedures in place to give our customers and staff peace of mind.

We’ve put in place a range of measures to ensure we meet Cyber Essentials requirements:

  • We use a firewall to secure our internet connection – this stops unauthorised external networks gaining entry to our IT systems
  • We ensure that we have the recommended security settings for our IT devices and software to make sure we dont fall victim to cyber attacks
  • We control who is able to gain access to our data and services meaning that the wrong person will not be able to gain access to our IT systems
  • We protect ourselves from viruses and malware meaning that we have anti-virus software running on our IT devices
  • We regularly update our devices and software meaning that our IT devices and software are running the most up to date anti-virus programmes to protect themselves from attack

Due to the nature of the ever emerging threats this accreditation and assessment of all controlled policies and procedures will be reviewed annually.

This also means that PCH Manufacturing can now bid for Government and Ministry of Defence projects, as one of those requirements is that we are Cyber Essential accredited. This in turn means that the profits of PCH Manufacturing are invested back into housing and communities across the city.