We’re making a stand

We’ve joined housing providers across the country to pledge our commitment to take action to support victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can take place in a number of ways and anyone can be a victim. Examples of abuse can include:

  • Controlling behaviour
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Violent and abusive behaviour

At PCH we’re committed to providing homes and communities where people want to live and feel safe. We take a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse and that’s why we’ve signed up to Make a Stand to make sure we’re taking the right approach to tackling this problem for our customers, staff and partners.

Make a Stand was launched in June 2018 as part of the Chartered Institute of Housing’s (CIH) appeal to tackle domestic abuse in association with the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA). 

Millions of people experience domestic abuse every year and two women are killed by their partner or ex-partner every week. As a housing provider we house thousands of people across the city and we are standing with the housing sector to tackle this issue.

As part of Make a Stand we comply with the CIH appeal including best practice working and have the following four focussed actions in place to confirm our commitment to tackling the issue:

  • We have in place a policy to support residents and who are affected by domestic abuse
  • We have information about national and local domestic abuse support services available on our website so that they are easily accessible for residents and staff
  • We have a HR policy in place to support members of staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse
  • We have a champion at senior level in the organisation to own the activity we’re doing to support people experiencing domestic abuse

Over the next 12 months we are working to become fully accredited as a housing provider to offer the best support to victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse.

As part of our commitment, front line staff will be undergoing a series of training to be able to spot and report potential domestic abuse in order to safeguard those who live in our homes.

Angie Edwards-Jones, head of customer experience and assurance said: “Domestic abuse is still a big problem if you look at some of the statistics – fewer than 10% of incidents reported to the Police end in conviction – then you realise how much work we as a society still need to do to give people the courage and avenues to be able to report abuse.  

“We house a lot of people in Plymouth and we talk about thriving communities and having affordable homes where people want to live, but first and foremost a home is somewhere for people to feel safe and secure, and we want to make sure that we do everything within our power to safeguard and support victims of domestic abuse.”