We’ve relaunched our walkabouts!

Would you like to join us on a walk around your neighbourhood and tell us how things could be improved?

Our estate walkabouts are being relaunched as residents have the opportunity to walk around their area with housing staff to look at where things could do with that little bit of improvement.

We believe that by asking residents for their views and involving people in developing plans for their local areas we can help make them better places to live. The walkabouts will concentrate on things that concern everyone and could include anti-social behaviour, vandalism, graffiti, litter, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles and overgrown or neglected communal areas.

We’ve come up with a traffic light recording system which will allow us to work on the most important issues first. We’ll meet you in your area and you can let us know what needs fixing or improving. We’ll note it down and arrange to sort it out.

Red issues will be problems that need immediate attention such as a missing drain cover.

Amber issues could be general repairs that need to be reported.

Green shows that everything is good and up to the required standard. 

Senior Housing Officer Fran Sandercock explains more: “Any resident of PCH can request and join an estate walkabout – our housing staff and staff from other organisations might also attend- like the local police. This ensures that we are all working together to make our communities places that people want to live. It also means that people are able to take pride in their area and work together as communities to improve them.”

 Keep your eye out for our walkabout leaflets which are available in Plumer House or our City Centre Shop on which you can ask us to contact you to set up a walkabout in your area. Of course you can also contact us online.