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We're celebrating Starts at Home Day

Starts at Home Day celebrates the positive impact of housing associations up and down the country.

And what better day is there to catch up with some of our very own lockdown legends.

The pandemic challenged us all to look out for one another. Keeping an eye on vulnerable neighbours and running errands for those who were shielding, saw many in our community roll their sleeves up and pitch in.

On this Starts at Home Day, we look back at the lockdown legends who were recognised by THEIR communities for going the extra mile during the pandemic.

Janet Blank from Devonport was nominated by several of her neighbours for her tireless efforts. She helped with getting meals into bellies, shopping runs and now that everyone can get together again... the occasional communal bingo night at Helen Fox House.

“I’ll help anyone that needs it”, explained Janet. “I’ll keep helping out too, we should all love thy neighbour and the lockdown saw people in need like never before.”

Brock House on the Barbican would have had a few more bored residents if it weren’t for good Samaritan, Erik. He kept the Men’s Shed group going on Facebook throughout the coronavirus restrictions. Adding a bit of normality for those stuck indoors. “Anyone would have done it”, insisted Eric.

Last but not least, is Jeff Winnard, who was recognised by his neighbours as the go-to guy at Innes House in the city centre. His neighbours turned to Jeff for all manner of errands. He was recognised by PCH after his fellow residents sung his praises... even if he was “furious” about having his photo taken.