Wildlife spotting in the heart of our city

Little Evelyn Worsley gets back to nature at a half-term event at Efford Marsh.

Evelyn was one of dozens of children and their families who joined us and the The Active Neighbourhoods Project, a joint project by Plymouth City Council and Devon Wildlife Trust when they held a special nature day yesterday.

They took part in a nature trail around the woods and cooked sourdough bread round a campfire before playing games with a parachute on the field and pretending to be pollinators gathering balls.

Mum Charlotte Worsley attended with Evelyn and her step daughter. She said: “I come to these events every half-term. It gets the kids out into nature. They get fresh air and can take part in lots of activities. Evelyn thinks we’re in The Gruffalo!”

Ryan Huws, of our Communities Team, said: “We’re lucky to live in a city with lots of green spaces and Efford Marsh is one of the best wildlife spots we have. For the people of Efford, Deer Park and Little America, it’s only a five minute walk away and ideal for leisurely country walks or summer picnics.

“It’s got tons of wildlife including the beautiful kingfisher and someone mentioned that they’d seen an otter! We’re working with the Devon Wildlife Trust and plan to put on more events at the marsh so that people can get to know and enjoy this wonderful wildlife sanctuary.”

 A similar event will take place later today at Teats Hill from 11am to 12pm which will feature snowdrop planting.