Work experience students get chance to shine

We have welcomed several work experience students from local schools this week who are keen to fulfil their potential.

Work experience is a key part of a student’s development as it gives them the opportunity to get out of the classroom and take on some really interesting and challenging responsibilities. Students who have work experience on their CV are more likely to be successful in job applications and it gives them a great opportunity to try out different options to give them a better idea of what they may want to do in their career. Danni Houston, Learning and Development Business Partner said: “Doing work experience shows passion and interest. Employers are able to see that they are motivated to get into a chosen career and that they’ve done their homework. “On the other hand, if a student is floundering or not that bothered about the future, work experience can be the motivation they need – if you do a variety of work placements you might find something you are passionate about. "Work experience helps to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses which gives them something to work on. It allows a student to learn the do’s and don’ts of the work place and navigate their way through the jungle of office politics.” Here are some of the students that we’ve welcomed this week: Scarlett, 16

Scarlett currently studies Geography, Maths, Biology and Politics at A Level and is interested in a career in Environmental Sustainability: “I wanted to come to PCH for my work experience as I am interested in how a large organisation deals with their waste responsibly. One of the areas I want to work in is development as I want to be involved with the design and build of eco-friendly homes.” Ken Scott, Environmental Performance Officer who is spending the week with Scarlett said: “It’s great to see that Scarlett is take her future seriously and planning a good work placement early in the year shows forward thinking and commitment.” Adelina, 15

Adelina is currently studying her GCSEs in Spanish, Geography and triple Science: “I want to get into finance and there was a great chance to work with the finance department in PCH. I’ve managed to learn a lot about the systems that are used here which has given me a lot of confidence. Everyone here has been friendly and helpful and made me feel completely at home.” James, 15

James is currently studying his GCSEs and is interested in getting into law in the future: “I have been working with Danny and the legal team here at PCH who have taught me so much already. I’ve had the opportunity to observe in Court and be involved in the day to day legal issues that PCH are involved in. My whole experience so far has made me realise that this really is what I want to do and I’m looking forward to learning more.”