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Resident Review

Resident Reviews enable you to help us improve the services we deliver to residents.

A Resident Review looks at one of the services we deliver and offers recommendations on how we can improve by looking closely at performance information, speaking to staff and in some cases mystery shopping.

The team of residents will provide an independent check of our services, offering a valuable perspective on their actual customer experience.

The Resident Review is split into two parts which means that you can be a part of the steering group or the task and finish groups.

  • What is a Resident Review?

    A typical Review takes place across the following stages: 

    • We look at a list of services to review
    • Residents tell us which topics are the most important to them
    • We agree the service to look at
    • We decide how we’re going to look at this service
    • Groups of residents go and look at the information available and come up with ways PCH can improve
    • PCH come up with an action plan showing how we can improve the service area
    • Reviewers sign off the report
    • Report is presented to PCH staff and Board Members
    • Reviewers keep an eye on the action plan to make sure it is carried out
    • Review is reported back to PCH Board and shareholders at our AGM
  • What is the Scrutiny Steering Group (SSG)?

    The SSG oversees the process – from putting together the list of services to look at, as well as making sure the action plans are put in place after the reviews.

    The SSG will meet up to six times a year and will have a maximum of 12 members. To find out more about being part of the SSG then please give us a call on 0808 230 6500 and ask to speak to our Governance Team or email us at

  • What are Task and Finish Groups?

    The Task and Finish Groups allow different people to be involved each time and helps more people to be involved through surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping.

    The groups will consist of between four and 10 members and will be a group while the review is taking place which should last around 8 weeks.

    If you would like to find out more about being part of a Task and Finish Group then please give our Communities Team a call on 0808 230 6500 or email us at

  • Why do we carry out Resident Reviews?

    Engaging with residents is an important part of our approach to how we deliver services – it helps us to ensure that what we do meets the needs and expectations of our residents.  We also want to make sure that more people can get involved in reviewing our services, which is why we are looking at this new approach.