Resident Scrutiny Team

The Resident Scrutiny Team (RST) were formed in 2015 to look at the work of Plymouth Community Homes. The Team are an important part of PCH’s approach to co-regulation. The RST are a group of trained residents who work as part of a team to provide an independent check of the services provided by PCH offering a valuable perspective on their actual customer experience. The RST will challenge performance and the value for money for residents, and determine as a Team the improvements or enhancements that PCH can introduce. 

The members of the RST enjoy what they do and find it extremely rewarding. 

The RST meet once a month and are supported by the Governance Team. PCH will pay all reasonable expenses to help members attend the meetings including travel and childcare. Sometimes there is work to do between meetings such as reading and commenting on papers. If you don't have access to a computer or have an internet service provider we can offer alternatives. PCH provide support to the RST and arrange training which can be through in-house events or external events. Each new RST member will also receive an induction when joining the Team. 

Alternatively,  you can also help the RST by suggesting a subject for the next Scrutiny Review by emailing the team.