Meet the Team

  • Joanne Bowden

    I have a variety of educational and vocational qualifications. My partner and I like to participate in the courses that PCH runs, this allows us to meet people, make new friends and gain new skills as well as refresh old ones. I applied to become a Scrutiny Team member because I feel that I can make a difference putting my skills to use. It also allows me to gain confidence by taking on new challenges. I want to be a positive member of the Resident Scrutiny Team. Over the years I have always wanted to have more input on how decisions are made regarding PCH and how it can grow and give more involvement to residents.

    Since joining the Resident Scrutiny Team in 2015 I have become the current chair. With PCH's support I have also gained new skills, qualifications and a better understanding of how PCH works. 

    This has also enabled me to put my skills to use in the voluntary sector by becoming the chair for Timebank South West and one of the directors for the Four Green Community Trust. 

    I am proud to call myself a member of the Resident Scrutiny Team. 

  • Bridget Bimha

    I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and have been a volunteer and life coach being involved in many charity and community activities that took me across the borders into South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia.

    After arriving in the U.K. I observed that communities have similar needs and challenges and straight away become involved in different out reach groups as making a difference is something I am totally passionate about. 

    I have also worked alongside my husband who is a minister of religion and am also a full time support worker.

    I really appreciate the opportunity of volunteering in the scrutiny  team after going through their initial training, and also being able to meet different people and continue to grow my confidence and knowledge about the different communities in Plymouth. 

  • Chris Matthews

    I was born in Saltash and have been a resident of Plymouth Community Homes since returning home after living in London whilst working for customer focused companies including Network Rail/MITIE, London Transport and EMI.

    I have travelled around the world, living in New York, Osaka and Munich. I have always had a keen interest in politics and raising money for charities and good causes. I am passionate about customer service and I am enthusiastic about bringing my experience to the Resident Scrutiny Team to further develop PCH.

  • Pat Gillespie

    My family and I have all been involved with PCC Housing and now PCH. I have always supported the regulatory inclusion of the community and tenants to participate in levels of enquiry and assist in the development of the organisation. I was a member of the Customer Assurance Panel before applying for the Resident Scrutiny Team. I have worked in secure industries for most of my life so I am accustomed to working in a regulatory environment and within a team. I am currently a volunteer providing support to disabled and mentally challenged individuals.

  • Christine Field

    Christine has been a tenant of PCH for 4 years at Plympton St Maurice. Christine worked for the ambulance service before retiring and moving to the South West. Christine has three sons and four grandchildren who keep her on her toes. Christine wants to make a worthwhile contribution to enable PCH to go from strength to strength.    

    Christine said: "I would urge residents to become involved because with dedicated staff and residents working together we will success in helping PCH to become the absolute best." 

  • Shirley Knibb

    Shirley is a retired and has worked with the elderly in a variety of care roles. Born in Plymouth, Shirley has travelled extensively as her husband was a Royal Marine. Shirley still loves to travel and regularly visits her son in Holland. Shirley has a daughter and grandson in Plymouth . 

  • Mel Leonis

    After working in the electronics industry for 25 years, I decided I needed to find some way to get involved in my community, to get me out and help me keep in touch with others. I became involved with PCH during STAG (Stock Transfer Advisory Group), and as part of the group we created PCH. Since then, I have enjoyed a number of resident involvement opportunities including The Money Tree Fund, Customer Assurance Panel and Resident Scrutiny Development Team. I have also been involved with Continuous Improvement Groups where residents and staff worked together to develop our services. Occasionally, I take on other involvement roles like planning and the Resident Involvement Strategy Group as these take less time but still allow me to be involved. Involvement helps me keep up to date with what is happening in our communities, with PCH and the Government.