What the Team do

How does a typical Scrutiny Review work?

A typical Scrutiny will include:

1)    Identification of a list of topics based on the information considered such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Complaints
  • Performance information 
  • Comparing performance against other similar organisations

2)    Establishing the priority topic, using an agreed scoring method.

3)    Agree the objective and scope of the review

4)    Plan the project and request information

5)    Complete a desktop review and review findings

6)    Check findings of the desktop review through interviews, focus groups, site visits, mystery shopping and surveys.

7)    Consider all evidence gathered and produce a written report with evidence-based recommendations

8)    A draft copy  of the report is sent to relevant staff and executive team members and the offer of a meeting before staff drafting an Improvement plan which responds to the recommendations.

9)    Agree Improvement plan or further information if agreement cannot be reached.

10)  Present the completed report to the Customer Focus Committee for approval. 

11)  Debrief, considering what worked well and what could be improved. 

12)  Publicise the review outcomes and improvement plan including publishing the report on the PCH website.