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We are creating places where people want to live, now and in the future.

More than 31,000 people live in a PCH home - that's around 11 per cent of the population of Plymouth. We're about better homes, more homes and helping communities to thrive.

We do that by building new homes for rent, for shared ownership through SO Living; and outright sale, helping people invest in their own future.

We will build new affordable homes for future generations - to make sure that people have a decent place to live and access to the opportunities they deserve. In this way we’re helping the residents of Plymouth and the wider travel area have a better future.


Building new homes

We started building homes in 2011 and since then have delivered 873 new homes for rent and shared ownership. Over the next five years we aim to deliver a further 1,100 new homes for rent, shared ownership and open market sale.

By 2025 we hope to have built around 1,700 new homes for Plymouth and surrounding areas at a cost of over £230m. This figure is continually evolving as the Development Team secure sites in and around the city.


Shared ownership through SO Living

Through our SO Living sales team, we have sold 167 shared ownership homes, generating a total first tranche sales income of around £12.4m. This money has been reinvested to help build more homes for local residents. 


Working with stakeholders

We're a major stakeholder in Plymouth and we speak directly to residents about our proposed developments. We continue to work with organisations such as Homes England and local authorities to get the best results for our residents. We’re part of Homes for the South West, a group of Chief Executives from some of the largest housing associations in the region. 


Current schemes


Completed schemes

  • North Prospect Phase 1

    Marketing name: PL2

    226 homes:

    • 105 PCH affordable rent
    • 28 PCH shared ownership
    • 93 private sale

    Contractor: Barratt David Wilson

    Completion date: October 2014

    Planning application number: 10/02026/FUL

  • North Prospect Phase 2

    Marketing name: PL2

    347 homes:

    • 118 PCH affordable rent
    • 56 PCH shared ownership
    • 173 private sale

    Contractor: Barratt David Wilson

    Completion date: August 2017

    Planning application number: 13/00905/FUL

  • North Prospect Phase 3

    Marketing name: Southern Gate

    159 homes:

    • 81 PCH affordable rent
    • 31 PCH shared ownership
    • 47 private sale

    Scheme cost: £17.2m

    Contractor: Kier

    Completion date: February 2020

    Planning application number: 15/01956/FUL

  • Butcher's Park, Tavistock

    Marketing name: The Consols

    38 PCH Homes:

    • 29 affordable rent
    • 9 shared ownership through SO Living

    Private sale through David Wilson Homes

    Scheme cost: £4.6m

    Contractor: Baratt David Wilson

    Completion date: December 2020

    Planning number: 4371/17/ARM

  • Aberdeen Avenue

    Marketing name: The Quarters

    20 PCH homes:

    • 12 affordable rent
    • 8 shared ownership

    Scheme cost: £2.4m

    Contractor: Burrington Estates

    Completion date: October 2020

    Planning application number: 17/01227/REM 

  • Liskeard

    Marketing name: Trevethan Meadows

    39 PCH homes:

    • 32 affordable rent
    • 7 shared ownership

    Scheme cost: £3.6m

    Contractor: Persimmon Homes

    Completion date: June 2020

    Planning application number: PA16/07313

  • Southway Primary

    Marketing name: Brentor View

    95 PCH homes:

    • 55 affordable rent
    • 40 shared ownership

    Scheme cost: £12.1m

    Contractor: GallifordTry Partnerships

    Completion date: March 2019

    Planning application number: 16/01128/FUL 

  • Briar Tor, Yelverton

    Marketing name: Briar Tor

    11 PCH affordable rent homes

    Scheme cost: £1m

    Developer: Classic Builders

    Completion date: February 2019

    Planning application numbers: 0675/14 and 0058/17  

  • Bodmin Road - Passivhaus

    Marketing name: Primrose Park

    72 PCH homes:

    • 49 affordable rent
    • 23 shared ownership

    Scheme cost: £10.3m

    Contractor: Mi-space

    Completion date: May 2018

    Planning application number: 15/02234/FUL

  • Southway Campus

    Marketing name: Porsham Heights

    67 PCH homes:

    • 42 affordable rent
    • 25 shared ownership

    Scheme cost: £8.2m

    Contractor: Galliford Try Partnerships

    Completion date: January 2018

    Planning application number: 15/01906/FUL

  • Goodwin Crescent

    Marketing name: Goodwin Crescent

    8 PCH affordable rent homes

    Scheme cost: £790,000

    Contractor: Eliot Design and Build

    Completion date: January 2017

    Planning application number: 15/01329/FUL

  • Allenby Road

    Marketing name: Allenby Road

    4 PCH affordable rent homes

    Scheme cost: £530,000

    Contractor: Eliot Design and Build

    Completion date: January 2017

    Planning application number: 15/01333/FUL

  • Wren Gardens

    Marketing name: Wren Gardens

    2 PCH affordable rent homes

    Scheme cost: £320,000

    Contractor: Eliot Design and Build

    Completion date: September 2016

    Planning application number: 15/01347/FUL

  • Laurel Road

    Marketing name: Laurel Road

    3 PCH affordable rent homes

    Scheme cost: £400,000

    Contractor: Coyde Construction Ltd

    Completion date: October 2015

    Planning application number: 14/02247/FUL  

  • Ham Drive

    Marketing name: Hope Close

    12 PCH homes:

    • 7 affordable rent
    • 5 shared ownership

    Scheme cost: £1.9 million

    Contractor: Kier

    Completion date: July 2015

    Planning application number: 13/01865/FUL