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Garage and parking space rental

We own 2,750 garages and parking spaces across Plymouth which are available for rent on a weekly basis. Whether you're storing your car, need some room for your household items or just want an extra bit of space, we may have the facilities for you.


Do I have to be a PCH resident to apply?

You don’t have to be a PCH resident to apply. We also rent our garages and parking spaces to private residents, businesses and groups.


How much will it cost?

Our garages and parking spaces are available to rent on a weekly basis and vary in price. We’ll confirm how much the garage will cost to rent when we make you an offer.

To secure your garage or parking space, you'll need to make an initial payment:

  • Initial payment for garages may vary from £140 to £175 depending on whether you are a PCH tenant or not, and includes a £100 refundable deposit plus four weeks’ rent in advance.
  • Initial payment for parking spaces may vary from £20 to £40 depending on whether you are a PCH tenant or not, and includes four weeks’ rent in advance.


Where are the garages and parking spaces located?

With more than 200 sites across Plymouth, our garages and parking spaces are in most neighbourhoods, including many in the city centre. You can view our garages and parking spaces on the map below.


How can I apply for a garage or parking space?

You can apply by using the map and enquiry form on this page.

Simply enter your postcode on the map and select garages or parking spaces on the filter to see which are nearby. Once you’ve found the garage and/or parking space you are interested in, click on the pin or select it from the drop-down list. Click Add to application and this will add your selection to the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

You can also search and select multiple garages and/or parking spaces by clicking on the back arrow. 

Once you’ve made your selection, fill out the enquiry form. Your application will be added to a waiting list and we'll be in touch as soon as it is available. If you are interested in a garage and/or parking space that is currently occupied, you can still be added to our waiting list.


Garage and Parking Space enquiry form

Use the map above this form to select a location.
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