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Rights and responsibilities

What are the Leaseholder’s responsibilities?

  • To pay ground rent and service charges, including major works and repairs costs.
  • To keep the interior of the flat in a good state of repair and the windows properly cleaned.
  • Not to make any structural alterations without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
  • Not to use the premises for any illegal or immoral purpose.
  • Not to use the property for any trade or business purpose and only to use it as a private residential flat.
  • Not to do anything which may be a nuisance, annoyance or cause damage or inconvenience to either the Landlord or any other resident.
  • Not to cause an obstruction in any of the communal areas of the property.
  • To give reasonable notice before accessing other parts of the property to carry out repairs or maintenance that the leaseholder is responsible for. This should be at least 48 hours unless in cases of extreme urgency. If whilst doing the work any other part of the property becomes damaged this must be made good by the leaseholder.
  • To permit the Landlord and the owners of other flats to have access and to enter upon the premises to fulfil their obligations.
  • To comply with any regulations which the Landlord may make to govern the use of the flats and the Reserved Property.
  • If you wish to sell the flat within 10 years of purchasing it under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire you must give your Landlord the option to purchase the flat first. If selling within 5 years of that date you must pay a sum to the Landlord.
  • Not to erect any external wireless or television aerial or any pole or flagstaff.
  • Not to place a window box outside any of the windows without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
  • To pay a reasonable proportion of the expense of repairing and maintaining all unadopted private roads and footpaths on the estate.
  • To keep properly clean and tidy any parts of the property that were the responsibility of the first leaseholders when they were tenants prior to completion of the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire.
  • To observe all the terms and regulations set out in the lease.

What are the Leaseholder’s rights?

  • To peaceably hold and enjoy the premises for the term of the lease.
  • Access to the communal parts of the property and use of any communal facilities that have been provided in the property.
  • Passage of gas, electricity, water, etc. to and from the premises.

What are the landlords (Plymouth Community Homes) responsibilities?

  • To maintain and repair the exterior, structure and common parts of the building.
  • To give reasonable notice to residents if access is required to the premises. This will usually be at least 48 hours except in cases of extreme urgency.
  • To keep the building insured to the full cost of re-instatement. (This is for buildings only and does not cover contents. Leaseholders will need to arrange contents insurance separately)
  • To keep proper accounts of all costs and expenses incurred in carrying out its obligations.
  • To manage the block and estate in a reasonable manner.

What are the Landlords (Plymouth Community Homes) rights?

  • To enter the premises with or without workmen, at reasonable times, to examine the condition of the premises and the right to issue a notice specifying any repairs or works necessary to be carried out by the leaseholder.
  • A right of access and entry upon the premises for the proper performance of its obligations.