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Request an alteration

Plymouth Community Homes has an Alterations to Homes Policy which you can view on our Publications page. Your request will be reviewed by following this process, for which there are lists of alterations that are permitted (Appendix A), and those that are not (Appendix B).

If approved, and within conditions:

  • All works undertaken will be entirely at your own expense
  • Maintenance of proposed works will be your responsibility
  • The permissions will expire after 12 weeks, and you'll need to reapply if not completed within this time
  • Once approved works will be inspected after the 12 week timescale. Any omission, errors, or defects found must be rectified at your own expense.

Request an Alteration

Complete the form to request an alteration to your home

You can find a full list of alterations that will be approved in Appendix A of our Alterations to Homes Policy.

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