Assistant Housing Officer: Nicola supports residents through the Keyham incident

27 February 24

Nicola Street Case Study Assistant Housing Officer

Nicola Street works as a part-time Assistant Housing Officer at PCH, supporting residents living in Keyham, Morice Town and Stoke, while also working as a part-time Housing with Support Officer looking after residents of our sheltered schemes.

Nicola was one of dozens of PCH Housing Officers who worked hard to help residents through the crisis in Keyham – and Nicola has been recognised as a team member who worked extremely hard during the major incident, going above and beyond to support people through the situation.

Nicola volunteered her time every day throughout the incident, and on one evening working up until 10pm and volunteering to cover early shifts to make sure she was visible for her residents, as well as continuing to support residents living in Sheltered Housing schemes at the same time.

Nicola said: “When I was told about the major incident in Keyham, I knew that I needed to get to The Beacon, the official rest centre to support the residents living in my patch, as I am aware of how much they have been through in the last few years, and I knew they would need the support of a familiar face.

“On Thursday I also worked at the Life Centre, and supported residents who lived in Keyham and were evacuated.

“On Thursday there was a family that evacuated to the Life Centre who were going through an extremely difficult time, with a key family member due to be discharged from hospital to the Life Centre following medical difficulties. As well as this, other members of their family who were at the Life Centre had mobility issues, unable to walk as their walking aid did not fit in their car when they were told to evacuate.

“Through our partnership with Livewell Southwest, I was able to source them a walking frame within the hour to allow them to move with aid in the rest centre. After I completed my shift, I made sure to flag their case with senior management to make sure they accessed suitable emergency accommodation after their hospital discharge, and to give the family somewhere safe and warm to sleep at night.”

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