Beacon Coffee House Worker: Tina cooks up a storm for residents, staff and the community

27 February 24


Tina Olford, a Beacon Coffee House Worker, worked tirelessly to cook hot meals for our residents, staff, police and PCC at the community hub in North Prospect as the official rest centre during the first two days of the incident.

On Tuesday she worked for 16 hours, making sure everyone was fed, watered and in a warm space and on Wednesday she also worked another long shift doing the same. 

Tina has been recognised for her dedication to supporting everyone at The Beacon, and she has been given her very own personalised crown (at her request) to thank her for her stellar efforts. 

She said: “Looking back at it now, Tuesday was manic and such a blur but I am so glad we were able to provide our residents, staff and members of organisations such as the police with food to keep them going. 

“There was no question that I would work longer than my shift to provide everyone with food, as well as free tea and coffee, and I would have stayed even longer if I could have. 

“On the Tuesday I was in the kitchen cooking burgers and bacon baps up until 9:45pm and beyond, and on that night alone we cooked over 12 bags of chips.

“When I got home, I just could not switch off as I just wanted to be there to help, and I woke up dreaming of chips!

“I have to give a shout out to the Rangers at The Beacon, it was a team effort and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my team and staff at PCH.”

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