Chair of the Board signs the National Housing Federation’s Chairs’ Challenge to drive EDI

08 December 23

Valerie Lee (1)

Valerie Lee, Chair of the Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) Board, has signed up to the National Housing Federation’s Chairs’ Challenge as part of our commitment to drive and embed equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at a board level.

The Chairs’ Challenge is a public commitment that encourages Chairs of the Board across the housing sector to understand how diverse and inclusive it currently is, and then develop a vision for the future with active steps to improve.

As part of this, Valerie is committing to

  • Using the National Housing Federation (NHF) EDI Data Tool to understand the current make-up of PCH’s workforce, including all staff, executives and board members, and to measure future success
  • Running a workshop with the board to co-create a vision
  • Prioritising diversity in our succession planning
  • Reading the NHF’s Succession Planning for Inclusion report with consideration of running an associate board member programme
  • Requesting that EDI be included in her annual appraisal.

The Chairs’ Challenge is self-monitored through annual reporting, and utilising the NHF EDI data tool to assess how representative the board is of the communities where we have homes.

Chairs are encouraged to hold themselves to account by inviting annual appraisals of their progress in creating a culture of inclusion and encouraging a more diverse and equal board.

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