Neighbourhood Ranger: Rhys evacuates residents from Keyham

27 February 24

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Rhys works as a Neighbourhood Ranger in the Environmental Services Voids Gardens Team, and was one of many Rangers who left their day jobs on Friday to help evacuate residents ahead of the bomb being moved, and transport them to the Life Centre.

Rhys was recognised by his team leader for his response and for supporting residents effectively.

Rhys said: "I received a call to return to Plumer House around noon on Friday following the update about the movement of the device. Rangers were instructed to prepare the vans in readiness for helping residents by picking them up and dropping them off at the Life Centre. We then headed out to the most affected areas and began helping people to evacuate their homes. Our main focus was to transport them from their homes to the Life Centre.

“I remember speaking to one elderly lady, who seemed to know quite a bit about the war, and we found ourselves having a great chat the whole way to the Life Centre, which put her at ease despite the stressful situation.

“It was a busy day for us, and I would say I took about 20 residents to the Life Centre, and then back again to their homes after the cordon lifted. I continued doing this until around 7pm.

“You’ve just got to get out there and help in these situations, and I was happy to do so. It was great to see all of my colleagues coming together to assist the community and ensure the residents' safety."

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