North Prospect’s Marvellous Mosaic Project brings community together

05 March 24


Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) residents living in North Prospect have unveiled a meaningful piece of art at The Beacon to showcase their close-knit community spirit, collaboration and dedication to supporting people in their local area.

The Marvellous Mosaic Project began at the start of 2024, and there have been 12 sessions across the last two months to allow residents to share their ideas to build a mosaic which represents their values as a community. The sessions were held at The Beacon, the community hub in North Prospect during their ‘Hobbies and Coffees’ and ‘Tea and Toast’ weekly events, as well as at the Compassionate Café at the Wolseley Trust.

The project was funded by PCH, MAKE Southwest, Plymouth City Council and local Councillor Tina Tuhoy’s Councillor Grant. It was supported by the Wolseley Trust who allocated their community space and the time of a staff member throughout the project.

Local artist, Michelle Mc Quinn also supported the project with the creation of the mosaic, and residents were grateful for her support and expertise.

Last Tuesday, residents, staff and members of the local community came together at The Beacon to take a first look at the mosaic that has now been permanently displayed on the wall in the community hub.

Over 25 people gathered to watch the unveiling which was carried out by residents and members of the community, and all those in attendance let out a cheer as the mosaic was revealed.

Leigh Ferguson, Communities Worker at PCH, said: “Residents really wanted to create something to be displayed which reflects how they feel about the North Prospect community. We were delighted to be able to support them to do this and the final piece of artwork looks amazing on the wall at The Beacon. We’d like to thank everyone who gave their time and put effort into creating the mosaic.”

Nicki Chinnock, Wellbeing Hub Support Coordinator at the Wolseley Trust, said: “Our Compassionate Café attendees were delighted to work with the Beacon Residents Group on the community mosaic project. Our group has been running for the last two years and was formed as a bereavement support group, so connection is really at the core of this group. This reflected in the design of the mosaic as well themes of friendship and combatting loneliness.

“We were thrilled to join Leigh and the PCH team for the ‘official unveiling ceremony’ with celebratory tea and cake. It was great to finally bring the two groups together to reveal their shared project. A big thank you to Leigh at PCH for coordinating the project and to Michelle, the artist who transformed our hand drawn ideas into a beautiful piece of treasured community artwork.”

Phil Deburlet, MAKE Southwest, said: "MAKE Southwest is pleased to hear that the community mosaic project went well and that the participants enjoyed it so much. Our organisation fosters creative projects as we believe that learning how to design and make things is a very positive human experience. We hope the mosaic will be appreciated by those who walk past it, and that all who helped to make it are pleased that it is now sited in a public place."

Michelle Mc Quinn said: “As a local artist I was delighted to be involved in this community mosaic project, particularly because it brought together many diverse groups and ages within the local community. 

“The ideas for the project were led by those involved and their dedication to completing the project and their support of each other was testament to their bond as a strong community. 

“I love what they have created and have enjoyed listening to their stories, and hope that their mosaic will be a talking point for others who use The Beacon.” 

Emily Ivey, a local member of the community found out about the project through a friend who had printed off and sent her the poster advertising the project. She supported the project throughout, and was delighted with the final outcome and to see her contributions on the wall of The Beacon.

She said: “I was so glad when my friend shared information about the project with me, and I immediately knew that I wanted to volunteer throughout the project and showcase my talent. I wanted to make a difference, and I knew that I couldn’t do that by staying at home.

“I was able to cut up the tiles and stick them onto the base, I also made one of the hearts on the mosaic. It was really hard work but it was so worth it and I really enjoyed the project. It’s nice to be part of something in the community.”

The mosaic is available for everyone to view at The Beacon.

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