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Residents welcome new mural in Plymouth City Centre

10 May 24


Residents and the local community have welcomed a third mural in the heart of the West End in Plymouth to brighten up the city blocks and make the area more colourful and welcoming for Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) residents and the people of Plymouth.

The latest creation has been designed and painted by Jordan Lauder, AKA SpraySaint from The Mural Company, and commissioned by Sarah Chidgey, Housing Officer at PCH, on the back of two other murals which were created at Morley Court last year.

Following positive feedback from local residents at Harwell Court who were keen to see a new mural by their homes, Sarah identified a tagged wall at the bottom of Frankfort Gate which was an excellent fit for the new piece of art.

The mural was painted with two magpies which are known to bring gifts and represent joy, in amongst a pile of treasure which includes certain objects to represent the local business, and our commercial tenants. Within the pile of treasure, there is a pair of scissors to represent the local hairdressers, a spanner to represent the tool station and a diamond ring for the jewellers. Smeatons Tower also makes an appearance, which represents the connection to PCH and our logo, as well as the key historical landmark in our city. 

PCH hopes the mural will increase footfall to the area and in turn bring business to our commercial residents and other independent businesses.

Sarah Chidgey, Housing Officer at PCH, said: “The new mural has received really positive feedback so far. We decided to commission another mural with Jordan following the feedback from our residents at Harwell Court, as well as the popularity of the two other murals at Morley Court.

“The connection with the local businesses and our PCH Commercial Tenants was really important for us, and we were glad to involve them by asking what they would like to be included. 

“We hope both our residents and the people of Plymouth enjoy our new mural and we look forward to hearing your feedback.”

Jordan Lauder, who worked tirelessly on the new addition, said: “Sarah at PCH contacted me to create this mural following the other two murals at Morley Court, and I was asked to design a piece to tie in with the local community. I wanted to tie the mural into the other two murals as they are so close by, and I was figuring out how I could tie this in with local businesses, which is why I came up with the idea of magpies which brings gifts, and within the pile of treasure that they were standing on, there are little bits of pieces that relate directly to the local community, which I consulted on them with.

“I added in the small Mario and Pokémon features as this is something that me and my kids enjoy, and I put them at the bottom of the mural at the height of what a child would see so that it would catch their eye, connect with it and enjoy it as well.”

Local residents are delighted with the new mural, and have been inspired by the new piece of art. Hazel Hon, PCH resident has written a poem which has been inspired by the new mural. She shares her poetry at Leadworks, an exciting and innovative social enterprise focused on community connection and transformation in Stonehouse.

Stone cold bricks, razor sharp rain

Grey clouds dominate and concrete floor

Artists play, honouring the natural world

A mischief of magpies painted on the wall


Seasons dancing, spring, summer, autumn

Winter wonderland, snow on the moors

Captured moments, painted with precision

A mischief of magpies painted on the wall


Early summer sunlight cutting through the clouds

A surprise of multicolour in the urban sprawl

The gatherer of trinkets, our little rumourmonger

A mischief of magpies painted on the wall

Hazel Hon

Angelina Stark, a local PCH resident, added: “When I saw the artist painting the mural, I just had to have a chat with him to comment on how lovely his work is.

“The mural is incredible and so beautiful. It makes the city look so much more presentable and it is so much nicer to look at rather than the dull tagged walls. We need more artwork around the city to brighten up the place.

“My mum lives opposite where the mural has been painted in a PCH sheltered flat. She told me that she sits and looks at it as it relaxes her. This has inspired her love of art again and has made her consider joining an art class which is really positive.”

Members of the local business community are also pleased with the mural, and are delighted that it promotes independent businesses. A staff member at Associates Hair Salon at Frankfort Gate, said: “We were asked if a pair of scissors could be added in to represent the hairdressers, and we were grateful to be asked. We think that overall the mural showcases the variety of independent businesses in the area and we are really pleased with it!”

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