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Shareholding membership

Did you know that you can become a Shareholder at PCH?

PCH Shareholders have a key role to play in shaping the decisions that directly affect our residents.

Certain decisions we make need to be approved by our Shareholders, including any changes to our Rules (constitution). 

As these decisions are key to the future of PCH we ask that Shareholders attend every Shareholder meeting.

PCH is a Community Benefit Society which means that shares are limited to one per person and won’t increase in value.

What is expected of me as a Shareholder?

  • We ask that you always act in the best interests of PCH and for the benefit of the community
  • We ask that you attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held every September. Missing 2 AGM’s without sending your apologies will mean your Shareholding membership is terminated

Becoming a Shareholder means that:

  • You’ll be invited to our AGM where you will have the opportunity to meet senior staff and our Board members. The AGM is an important event for PCH as it’s an opportunity to reflect on the work we’ve carried out throughout the year and gives our Shareholders the chance to vote on any issues raised and ask questions of our senior staff
  • You can request a paper copy of our latest set of accounts which are published publicly for our residents and partners to see
  • You will be invited to other meetings such as Special General Meetings when we need to make changes to our rules

For more information on the role and responsibilities of becoming a Shareholder please read our Shareholder Membership Policy.

OK I’m interested, how do I go about becoming a Shareholder?

You can apply by contacting emailing our Governance Team or phoning us on 0808 230 6500 to request an application form.

Your Shareholding Membership holds a nominal value of £1 so you will need to include this with your application – any cheques or postal orders must be made payable to Plymouth Community Homes.

Your application will be presented to the PCH Board for approval and you will then be issued with a certificate.

Are there any reasons I couldn’t become a Shareholder?

You won’t be able to become a Shareholder if;

  • You are under 18
  • You’ve had your previous Shareholding Membership terminated
  • You are a member of staff
  • You work for a local authority if this means that shareholding members who are local authority persons would be able to exercise more than one-third of the total votes to shareholding members
  • You have been removed as a PCH Board Member
  • You are a Board Member nominated by Plymouth City Council
  • You are physically or mentally incapable of exercising your rights as a shareholder and will remain so for more than 3 months
  • You have been convicted of an indictable offence which has not yet been spent
  • You have been convicted of any other offence which in the opinion of the PCH Board either brings PCH into disrepute or is incompatible with the role of shareholder
  • You have been declared bankrupt 
  • You’re in breach of your tenancy agreement or lease and fail to rectify the breach within a reasonable timeframe