Environmental services

Our neighbourhood Ranger Service is provided to most blocks of flats and maisonettes with communal areas. The level of service received depends on the type of building and the services required.

Ranger duties

Rangers are generally responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the communal areas such as courtyards, lobbies and communal stairwells. A detailed specification of the services provided to your block is available upon request, however the ranger will usually:

  • clear weeds and litter
  • check communal lighting
  • report repairs to the communal areas
  • keep the bin bays clean and tidy
  • report fly-tipping for removal
  • ensure the laundry is clean and safe

Refuse collection

Rangers are not responsible for the collection of refuse or recycling bins. This collection is managed by Plymouth City Council.

Flytipping is rubbish that is illegally left on land without the owner's permission. We don't pick up bulky items for free. For more information about what to do with your bulky waste, check out our flytipping poster.


Where laundry facilities are provided, the ranger will carry out a daily safety check before opening and also ensure that the laundry is kept clean and tidy.

Cleaning of Housing with Support

A separate Cleaning Service is run by the Environmental Services department to keep the communal areas clean in our Housing with Support schemes. These areas could include entrances, hallways, laundries, lifts, communal rooms and kitchens areas, and toilet rooms.

How is the service paid for?

The service is paid for as a part of your Service Charge.

How can I get in touch?

The Rangers are a part of the Environmental Services department who can be contacted by e-mailing environmental.services@plymouthcommunityhomes.co.uk or by phone on 0800 917 9455.