Bomb in Keyham will be disposed of today

23 February 24

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A new temporary cordon of 300 metres will be put in place today (Friday 23 February 2024) as the removal of the unexploded wartime bomb in Keyham takes place.

Over the past few days, bomb disposal experts from the Army and Navy have been assessing the device to determine with partners the best possible approach for its disposal. It is a very complex situation, and a number of factors need to be considered by the members of the resilience forum, alongside the overriding objective of people’s safety, including damage to property and impact on underground utilities.

After considering all options, including a controlled detonation on site, partners have agreed that the safest and least impactful option is to remove the device from St Michael Avenue and travel to the Torpoint Ferry slipway – for the bomb to be disposed of at sea (beyond the Breakwater).

Highly trained bomb disposal experts will carefully remove the device from the property and it will be transported by road in a military convoy, west along Parkside and Royal Navy Avenue, joining at the junction on Saltash Road to continue south joining Albert Road, turning right along Park Avenue and heading down Ferry Road to the Torpoint Ferry terminal.

However, in order for this to happen, support is needed from residents in the area along the route.

Anyone who lives within 300 metres of the route will need to leave their homes TODAY for three hours, between 2pm to 5pm. If you need help or support to do this, please call Plymouth City Council on 01752 668000.

The rest centre at the Life Centre remains open to support people who do not have anywhere to go

In addition, the main trainline will be closed between 2pm to 5pm, ferries (including the Torpoint Ferry) will be suspended and buses will be diverted.

Once the operation is complete, the Police will begin to reopen the roads.

Everyone must avoid the area during this period.

We are very grateful for the patience of residents at this difficult time and all agencies are doing everything they can to minimise any ongoing disruption.

We will aim to keep residents informed throughout the operation. The Council will announce when roads are being reopened on: and on social media.  


Check if your address is within the 300m planned cordon. 

All incident updates can be found on the Plymouth City Council website here. 

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